BHCS is one of the breed clubs affiliated to the Swiss Kennel Club (Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft, SKG; Société cynologique suisse, SCS). Founded in 1999, it is exclusively devoted to the Basset Hound breed in Switzerland. Today BHCS has around 70 members and is happy when people who love the breed decide to join the club.


Aim and purpose

These are laid down in the Statutes and BHCS Breeding Regulations. The club sees its task as the promotion of pure-bred, typy and healthy Basset Hounds; their appropriate and breed-specific care; and responsible breeding and ownership.


All Basset Hounds intended for repro-duction by breeders who are members of BHCS or SKG have to pass a stringent Breeding Selection (Ankörung). This comprises not only an appraisal of their conformation and behaviour, but also the fulfilment of health requirements regarding hip and elbow dysplasia and an eye examination. Such careful selection of brood bitches and stud dogs helps to ensure that their progeny will be sound.